The tax system in Georgia: debunking the corporate tax myth

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Taxation systems play a critical role in shaping a country's economic landscape. Georgia, a country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, has attracted attention with its favorable business environment and favorable tax policy. However, there is a common misconception that Georgia's tax system is modeled after the well-known Estonian system. In addition, it is often claimed that Georgia has an extremely low corporate tax rate of 20%. In this essay, we examine the taxation system in Georgia, examine its similarities and differences with the Estonian system, and clarify the true corporate tax rate.
Tax system in Georgia:
In recent years, Georgia has made significant progress in stimulating economic growth and attracting foreign investment. One of the key factors contributing to its success is the simplicity and efficiency of the taxation system. Georgia has a unified tax regime under which all personal and corporate income is taxed at the same rate. This simple approach eliminates complexity and provides transparency, facilitating domestic business transactions.
Corporate tax in Georgia:
Contrary to popular belief, the corporate tax rate in Georgia is not set at 20%. The standard corporate income tax rate in Georgia is 15%. This indicator is especially competitive in comparison with many other countries in the world. However, it is necessary to take into account additional factors that affect the effective tax burden on corporations.
Tax breaks and incentives:
Georgia offers several tax breaks and incentives to encourage business development and attract foreign investors. For example, for certain sectors such as agriculture, tourism and information technology, preferential tax rates or exemptions may apply. These incentives aim to stimulate specific industries and encourage economic diversification.

Tax on dividends:
Another important aspect of the Georgian tax system is the tax on dividends. While the corporate income tax rate can be 15%, dividends distributed to shareholders are subject to a flat tax rate of 5%. This lower tax rate encourages reinvestment and makes capital easier to circulate in the economy.
Comparison of the Estonian tax system:
Although there are some similarities between the tax systems of Georgia and Estonia, they are not identical. The Estonian taxation model, often referred to as the Estonian model, is characterized by a unique concept known as “taxation of distributed profits”. Under this system, corporate profits are taxed only when they are distributed as dividends. This approach aims to encourage businesses to reinvest their profits, facilitating growth and innovation.

In Estonia, the corporate income tax rate is 20%, but it is important to note that this rate is applied when taxing distributed profits. By contrast, in Georgia, a corporate tax of 15% is levied on corporate income earned in the country, regardless of the distribution of dividends.

The standard corporate income tax rate in Georgia is just 15%.
That means more of your hard-earned profits stay in your pocket.
The taxation system in Georgia has played an important role in its economic development and creation of a favorable business environment. While there are similarities between Georgia's tax system and the well-known Estonian model, they are not identical. The notion that the corporate tax rate in Georgia is set at 20% is wrong. The standard corporate income tax rate in Georgia is 15% with additional tax incentives and incentives available in certain sectors. It is critical to study the intricacies of the tax system and consider various factors, such as dividend tax rates, when assessing the true tax burden of corporations. Georgia's generally competitive tax regime continues to attract investment and promote the country's economic growth.

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